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Welcome to Enlightened Fun, an occasional series about having more fun in the outdoors. The goal for this series is to help increase the enjoyment of outdoor activities (and possibly also enhance safety) through a better understanding of the issues that relate to them. 

Please email your feedback, suggestions for topics to be covered in future columns and your questions to me at Michael_Brochstein@MABsystems.com.  The articles below are listed in reverse chronological order.


Lyme Disease: And Youíre the Target

Trekking Poles: Not Just For Seniors Anymore

A Voice from Afar: Phoning Home from Afar

The Outdoor Vacationerís Guide to Credit Card Vacations

Hiking Trail Hieroglyphics

Common Sense Ideas for Staying Un-Lost

New York City Environmentalist: What a NYC resident can do to save the environment

What to Wear: Looking Good and Feeling Comfortable

Happy Feet: Selecting the Right Hiking Boots & Socks


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