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New! Photo Mechanic Code Replacements: A Life Changing Shortcut for Captioning Images

New! Photo Mechanic Plus: The Image Database You Should Buy - Locating an image has never be so easy. A boon for photojournalists in particular as PM+ uses common IPTC metadata.

New! QD: The Best Sling Quick Release Ever!? - A revolution in the making. Once you try it, you'll never go back to using standard 1/4-20 connectors on your sling.

How to Look Great in a Corporate Style Headshot - A useful resource for those on both sides of the camera.

Introduction to Photojournalism: Getting Started - An instructional video.

Video Conferencing: Improving Your Home Set Up - How to look like a media professional when video conferencing or at least, how to avoid common mistakes.

Photographing the Milky Way From Near New York City - Yes, you can photograph the Milky Way within a few hours drive from New York City. This article is a primer on astrophotography and a guide to where to go to pursue it. All the techniques and most of the resources are useful anywhere in the country.

Photographing the New York City Skyline - Details about where to go and how to do it better.

Guide to Buying a Digital Camera - An introduction to digital cameras.

Photo Booths vs. Photo Studios (The case for quality)


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